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3D Leone Designer.

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Digital orthodontics

Designing and creating new orthodontic solutions entirely customized is now possible thanks to the new CAD CAM expanders, designed for a full digital workflow.

A true first-of-its-kind, 3D Leone Design makes it possible for labs to design and create entirely customized orthodontic products without any need for a mold. Quickly. Easily. And with no need for digital skills.

An end-to-end digital workflow covers dental anchorage, hybrid (teeth and TADs), and bone, powered by custom-designed Leone software and hardware.

3D Leone Design can be used to design bands and supports, and also the expander arms that automatically place the expander in the correct position.

Complete end-to-end control directly from your lab:

1. Take an impression with a 3D scanner.

2. Design the device in real-time.

3. 3D print the device.

4. Add the screws.

Once you complete your digital design you can transform it into a high-precision sintered framework.

The framework is then laser welded to the selected Leone CAD-CAM expander.

3D Leone Design also incorporates the very first RPE screw series explicitly designed to meet end-to-end digital workflow needs.

CAD-CAM expanders are manufactured in biomedical stainless steel with enhanced mechanical properties and a dedicated geometry of the male screwhead. This results in an impressive strength of over 60kgf - around 50% higher than standard RPE. These features ensure treatment efficiency even with maxillary expansion in adult patients with 2 or 4 TADs.

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Technique. Technology. Safety.

Leone offers the most varied and most advanced range of orthodontic products and technologies available, including mobile orthodontics, screws, and expanders.
The exceptionally high quality of all Leone products results from combining sophisticated manufacturing techniques with strict compliance to FDI and true Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Fabrizio Pasquini

"We are committed to investmenting significantly in research and technology. Our state-of-the-art Marco Pozzi Dental Biotechnological Research Center is a proud testament to this long-term commitment. Located onsite, the center conducts quality control tests, studies on materials and surfaces, and technical analysis on new products. We also work in close collaboration with the Engineering, Medicine, and Surgery faculties of Italian universities – arranging regular internships for their students.
In 2017, we entered into a strategic partnership with Var Group - a leader in the Italian technology sector. Digital Service Leone (DSL) was born."

Fabrizio Pasquini
Export Manager

Committed to continuous improvement


Receive full US orthodontic certification.


Join the Orthodontic Manufacturers Association, which brings together the 12 global manufacturers of orthodontic products.


Introduce the Leone Implant System - a complete line of products for implantology.


Acquire US market distributor Leone America and invest in our French subsidiary Odontec.


Launch Digital Service Leone. DSL supports orthodontists and dentists with an innovative range of digital orthodontic devices and tools.


DSL seamlessly connects Leone with clinicians and partner labs at every stage of treatment. Our connected ecosystem provides the best orthodontic outcomes for patients.

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